Monday, December 4, 2017

Progress Reports in Art

Art learning is not just about how well one colors or paints. Sure, grading in art can be somewhat subjective, but content standards in art provide a framework for deeper objectives that help our students become well rounded citizens. The two content standards that will appear on your child's progress report this semester are: "Observe and Learn to Comprehend" and "Invent and discover to Create." Listed below are the specific focuses for each grade level. In addition to the content standards, students will receive feedback on the life-skills of resiliency and creativity. If your student is doing their personal best, demonstrating understanding of concepts,  participating, and following studio guidelines, their grade will be a 3 for "meets." Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

"Observe and Learn to Comprehend"

Grade 5
*Visual arts connect multiple characteristics of art
*Visual arts communicate the human experience
*Visual arts learning involves analyzing the formal and informal qualities of art

Grade 4
*Artists and viewers determine artistic intent by comparing and contrasting the characteristics and expressive features of art and design
*Works of art articulate and express different points of view
*Artists and viewers and patrons respond to works of art using inference and empathy

Grade 3
*The identification of characteristics and expressive features in works of art and design help to determine artistic intent
*Art has intent and purpose

Grade 2
*Artists make choices that communicate ideas in works of art
*Characteristics and expressive features of art and design are used to identify and discuss works of art

Grade 1
*Works of art express feelings
*Art represents and renders the stories of people, places, or things

*Artists and viewers recognize characteristics and expressive features within works of art
*Personal feelings are described in and through works of art

"Invent and Discover to Create"

Grade 5
*Use artistic media and expression to communicate personal and objective points of view
*Create art using technological media
*Apply an understanding of art processes and creative thinking to plan and create art

Grade 4
*Use media to express and communicate ideas about an issue of personal interest
*Materials and processes can be used in traditional, unique, and innovative ways

Grade 3
*Use basic media to express ideas through the art-making process
*Demonstrate basic studio skills

Grade 2
*Use familiar symbols to identify and demonstrate characteristics and expressive features of art and design

Grade 1
*Create art to communicate ideas, feelings, or emotions

* Create 2D and 3D works of art based on personal relevance