Classroom News

Weeks 3-4

Students in grades 3-6 have been working on developing studio Studio Habits of Mind and have a weekly concept focus. Students added printmaking to their craft repertoire by making a cityscape. Students practiced safely using new tools and applied techniques to complete their beautiful works.

With an emphasis on the habit of mind called “artistic expression,” students proposed an artwork that would express an emotion, mood, feeling, or idea. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazingly resourceful and creative our students are! We had everything from inspirational posters, cruise ship diagrams, protect endangered species compositions, abstract mood paintings, optical illusions, pop-up puppies, and more!

Primary students have been engaged in creating artworks that emphasize the elements of art, basic design, and studio skills while learning art vocabulary and applying creativity.  They created a still life, learned about making shapes appear 3D by making a village, and how to show movement in figures by drawing gestures.

Weeks 1-2

In art, students started off the year making a portfolio for paperwork which gave us the opportunity to consider the purposes of art: functional, narrative, persuasive, exploratory, ceremonial, and expressive. Students completed a beginning of the year self portrait, pondered goals, and brainstormed how to care for each other in art.

Students are learning studio skills appropriate for their level. While there is room for voice and choice in all art activities, students in K and 1 participated in more guided experiences to strengthen basic skills develop an attitude of trying new things, and acclimate to routines. Grades 2-5 focused on making choices appropriate for their intent, getting feedback, and refining products.

Students are in the process of painting rocks for display at our school and are moving on to a project emphasizing the use of "line. "Line is one of the 7 elements of art. We will be talking more about the other elements (shape, color, value, form, texture, and space) throughout the year.