Classroom News

First Semester Highlights 2016-2017

Students started off the year creating a portfolio to store paper projects and created a self portrait "selfie" style.

Students created an original painting for our Original Works Program. Thanks for all the support with digital ordering! Don't worry, you'll get the originals back!


Kindies are learning how personal feelings are expressed through works of art. They create two and three dimensional works. We learned about primary colors, secondary colors and even analogous colors. Oh- and of course lines and shapes!

First graders create art to communicate ideas, feelings and emotions. Art has elements and principles that artists use to convey meaning.

Second graders use symbols to identify and demonstrate characteristics and expressive features in art and design. Some symbols have personal, cultural, or historical meaning.

Third graders explore and create using basic studio skills. Third graders are learning to use the language of art to make choices and respond to art.

 Fourth graders create for a variety of purposes. Materials can be used in creative, unique, and inventive ways.

Fifth graders collaborate through the creative process, plan works of art, and apply principles to convey meaning. Students learned to use the app chatter pix to animate objects and drawing pad to create a digital graphic design for our yearbook cover. Students had the opportunity to submit an entry for the annual doodle for google contest. The theme this year was "future."

Students at Gold Rush have been busy meeting math and technology goals at Gold Rush. Below are a few art/math connections in the art room so far.